About One Achord

For over 25 years, a group of singers gathered together to perform during the Christmas Holidays. Growing in numbers and talent, it became clear that a new direction was at hand… One Achord was born.

One Achord is a Jacksonville, Florida based Christian community choir dedicated to the performance of sacred music to the glory of God. Established in 2013, we are dedicated to the following core values:

  • We are Christian musicians, singing to share the message a God’s love, grace, healing and acceptance for all people.
  • We strive for excellence and integrity in the performance of all our music.
  • We are a community serving each other and the world with compassion and humility.

One Achord is a practiced expression of musicians coming together in fellowship to share our love for both God and music through a message which inspires our audiences and enriches our lives.

Director – Kathryn McGehee

Lisa Barnidge
Liesl Berry
Jerriann Bisset
Rogina Carden
Pam Chappell
Tiffany Csalouszki
Leanne Dix
Rebecca Garner
Julie Garmendia
Elise Gaskins
Dorie Head
Amanda Hegeman
Jennifer Hudson
May Leporacci
Melissa McCall
Victoria Moon
Laurel Mundell
Pam Onstead
Dana Preston
Nancy Bolan
Charlene Bolton
Nancy Darragh
Katie Dutton
Sandy Emery
Judy Hilles
Phyllis Hoskins
Debbie King
Lee Leleux
Dana Luther
Tawny Marjenhoff
Kelly Mierkowski
Molly Miller
Donna Myers
Marsha Pence
Joann Stephens
Kit Thomas
Martha Valent
Debbie Wallace
Bonnie Wilson
Linda Yeldell
Dave Berry
Daniel Dix
Thomas Freeland
Allen Hagan
Bob Ice
Jacob Leporacci
Dan Myers
Janice Reid
Chris Rozear
Corky Thomas
Billy Watkins
Dawson Blackshear
Eddie Blackshear
Pat Elmers
Barry Flynn
Woody Garner
Ted Head
Frank Houston
Keith Hall
Mike Johnson
Art Martz
David McGehee
Charlie Medure
Humberto Montalvan
Alex Mundell
Randall Onstead
Brandon Vincent
Bill Yeldell
Charlie Young